Starlight 10. Student’s book. Звездный английский. Module 1. Unit 1.1

Текст A Journey Under the Sea

Ex.1. Describe picture A: where it was taken; time of year; how people feel. Ответ

Ex.2. Look at the map. Which countries can you see? How are the landmarks in picture В related to the map? Ответ

Ex.3. Read the last sentence in each paragraph.What is the article about? Listen, read and check. Ответ

Ex.4. Read the article again. For statements 1-7, choose А, В, С or D to complete each statement correctly. Then translate lines 27-45 from the text into Russian. Ответ

Ex.5. Match the words/phrases in bold to their definitions. Ответ

Ex.6. Fill in: high, cherish, rough, travel, tight, grab, package, exchange, business, intriguing. Make sentences based on the text, using the phrases. Ответ

Ex.7. Work in pairs. Imagine you have been on an interesting journey. Tell your partner about your journey. Say: Ответ

Ex.8. Portfolio: Use your answers from Ex.7 to write an email to a friend of yours about your travel experience (80-120 words). Ответ

Starlight 10. Student’s book. Учебник. ГДЗ. Все задания.