Spotlight 11. Student’s book. Module 8. Progress Check 8. Учебник. ГДЗ. Ответы..

Быстрые ответы:


Задание 1: Fill in: feat, consults, symbols, unique, remote, conveyor, excavation, sculpted, boarding, aisle.
1. Hieroglyphics is an ancient writing system made of symbols
2. I always ask for an aisle seat on an aeroplane.
3. Easter Island is unique. There is nowhere else like it in the world.
4. A Archaeologists took five years to complete the excavation
5. Tracey always consults her parents before making any big decisions.
6. Most ancient temples are found in remote locations.
7. The statues were sculpted from volcanic rock.
8. The building of the ancient city of Machu Picchu was an incredible feat
9. Luggage is collected from conveyor belt No 23.
10. You need a valid boarding pass to get on the plane.

Задание 2: Fill in: All, every, so, neither, nor, both, each, none, either.
1. Kim saw that none of the hotels were suitable, so she decided to stay in another resort.
2. Jack and Jane both like to go on skiing holidays.
3. All flights have been cancelled due to bad weather.
4. Neither I nor Jane like to lie on the beach all day. We’d rather see the sights.
5. «I can’t find a cheap flight,» «Neither can I. Let’s change our dates.»
6. «I really need a holiday!» «So do I. I’m tired.»
7. The flight costs E150 each way.
8. Every time I travel by train I feel sick.
9. We can either go this weekend or next weekend, but after that I’m busy.
10. «I don’t like long car journeys.» «Neither do 1. They’re very tiring.»

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