Вопрос:  Read the article again. For statements 1-7, choose А, В, С or D to complete each statement correctly. Then translate lines 27-45 from the text into Russian.

Текст A Journey Under the Sea

1. How did the writer first learn about the house-swapping scheme? (line 1)

A from his wife
B purely by chance
С through a travel agent
D by doing research

2. The writer uses the phrase ‘go for it’ (paragraph 2) to express the idea of…

A taking a risk.
В going abroad.
С flying on a jet.
D having a choice.

3. Why did the writer choose the package deal? (lines.11-13)

A They wanted t o travel via the ChannelTunnel.
В It included a stay in a top-class hotel.
C It was cheap for what it offered.
D It allowed them to use the Metro and bus system.

4. The writer ‘scolded’ himself (paragraph 4) because …

A the tickets arrived late.
В they had to wait a long time on the platform.
С he thought the trip was a silly idea,
D he had worried unnecessarily.

5. The writer was most attracted by the fact that the Eurostar train … (lines 23-25)

A travelled so far below sea level.
B was unaffected by sea conditions.
С offered a convenient way to travel.
D used such a well-designed tunnel.

6. What did the writer do during his journey through the tunnel? (lines 28-29)

A He studied a business report.
B He looked at the other passengers.
С He read a novel about travelling.
D He wished the journey would end quickly.

7. We learn from the writer that… (line 41)

A the trip from London to Paris took 3 hours.
В the train accelerates faster than a Boeing 747.
С the train’s top speed is 300 kph.
D Paris’ city centre is busier than London’s.

8. How was the writer’s attitude changed by his experiences? (line 44)

A He began to think more about the past.
B He saw the value of doing new things.
С He realised his journey was special.
D He saw that he needn’t have worried so much.

Ответ:  1-B, 2-A, 3-C, 4-D, 5-B, 6-B, 7-A, 8-B.


Внутри самого тоннеля не было ничего, чтобы привлекло мое внимание — никаких плакатов и других вывесок, поэтому я занялся изучением пассажиров нашего вагона. Некоторые спокойно читали романы или газеты, другие спокойно изучали бизнес-отчеты и заметки. Однако, я  понял, что большинство попутчиков, как моя семья, выглядели возбужденными и очень счастливыми, наслаждаясь путешествием.
Наше подводное путешествие закончилось так же быстро, как и началось. Вдруг, мы покинули темный туннель и вышли на свет приятного французского утра. Дорога была хороша, мы быстро ускорились до скорости 300 км/ч, как у Boeing 747 при взлете. Мы прибыли в оживленный центр города Париж через 180 минут после отъезда из Лондона. Это путешествие, да и вообще все время, которое мы потратили на программу обмена, дали нам новый опыт, и оставили много замечательных воспоминаний, которые мы будем помнить всегда. 

Starlight 10. Module 1. Unit 1.1. Все задания.