Starlight 10. Student’s book. Звездный английский. Module 1. Unit 1.3


Ex.1. Which sports can you see in the pictures? Which is your favourite one? How do you think people benefit from doing sports? Use the ideas to tell your partner. Ответ

Ответ:  A healthy mind in a healthy body means that if you are physically healthy you are more likely to be mentally.

Перевод: В здоровом теле здоровый дух означает, что если вы физически здоровы, то скорее всего и умственно.

Ex.3. You are going to read an article about a man who grew up with a heart defect and overcame his illness to compete in the London Marathon. Seven sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-H the one which fits each gap (l-7). There is one extra sentence, which you do not need to use. Ответ

Ex.4. Explain the words in bold. Then, in pairs, ask and answer questions based on the text. Ответ

Ex.5. Fill in the correct word derived from the words in brackets. Ответ

Ex.6. Read the examples. Are there similar structures in your language? Ответ

Starlight 10. Student’s book. Учебник. ГДЗ. Все задания.