Starlight 10. Student’s book. Звездный английский. Module 1. Unit 1.2


Ex.1. Say which of the following verbs are used with the following means of transport. Ответ

Ex.2. Choose the correct word. Which means of transport is each sentence about? Ответ

Ex.3. Choose the correct word. Ответ

Ex.4. Fill in the appropriate particle. Check in Appendix I. Use the phrasal verbs in a story of your own. Ответ

Ex.5. Fill in the correct word derived from the words in brackets. Ответ

Ex.6. Read the examples. Are there similar structures in your language? Ответ

Ex.7. In pairs, use the structures in Ex.6 and the adjectives below to compare various means of transport: Ответ

Ex.8. Fill in: where, whose, who, which, why. Which of these words do we use for: people? things? animals? places? reason? possession? Ответ

Ex.9. Join the sentences with relative adverbs or pronouns. Ответ

Ex.10. Complete the sentences using the words in bold. Use two to five words. Ответ

Ex.11. Which means of transport do you prefer? Why? Spend three minutes writing about the topic. Ответ

Starlight 10. Student’s book. Учебник. ГДЗ. Все задания.