Spotlight 11. Student’s book. Module 7. 7b. Учебник. ГДЗ. Ответы.

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Spotlight 11. Student’s book. Все задания.

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7. Диалог:

A: Good morning. I’m calling to inquire about the legal
secretarial course at your college. Is there someone I
can speak to about this?
B: Sure, you can speak to me. My name is Rachel Henry
and I’m the admissions advisor for the course. How
can I help you?
A: Well … I saw the course advertised in the Education
pages in yesterday’s Guardian newspaper and I
wanted some more information.
B: I can send you a full college prospectus which will
tell you about all of the courses that we offer.
A: Thank you. That’s great. Can I ask you a couple more
B: Of course. Go ahead.
A: Well, it says the fees for this course are £1,500 per
term, but your advertisement says there is a possibility of funding. How can I find out a bit more about this?
B: There are a range of government funding options available, such as loans and scholarships. All that information is included in the prospectus.
A: Oh, OK, that sounds great. Also, what qualifications do you need to get on the course? Are my school exam results important?
B: Well, we do take a look at your exam results, but we also consider your performance at the interview. We are just as interested in your attitude as your exam results.
A: Oh! That’s good to know! And how many places are there available on the course?
B: No more than about thirty. But we usually receive about sixty applications altogether.
A: I see. Thank you very much for your help!
B: You’re welcome. Actually, we’re having an open day on Friday next week. I would highly recommend that you come. It’s a great opportunity to have a look around the college, meet the course tutors and ask any more questions that you have. If you’re
interested I can email you the details.
A: Oh yes, thanks. I’d definitely be interested in that.
When is the closing date for applications? B: The closing date is the end of January.
A: Oh, so I have just over a month.
B: That’s right. I’ll look forward to receiving your
application. Now let me take your details so I can send you …

Spotlight 11. Student’s book. Все задания.